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News about Steak Dining in Cayman Islands Restaurants :: Copper Falls Steakhouse

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What's Hot Magazine - Restaurant Review
by Vickie Wheaton

Copper Falls has been over a year in the making, but like a few special things in the world that have taken their time, I can honestly say that it has all been worth the wait. Frank Fleiger, a man whose years in the Bar and Restaurant industry are the stuff of Legend(z) is the owner of this impressive new addition to the Grand Cayman dining world, and if the first few months in business are anything to go by, he is on to a winner.
Copper Falls’ design reminds one of a dining room in somewhere like Sedona Arizona. The cream and earth colours with copper accents everywhere invoke a sense of warmth and a feeling of being on vacation, even if you’re a resident. The place already has a history, even though it only opened this year. The back wall is the most beautiful piece of old polished fir wood that used to be the floor of a building in Canada. The wood extends around the ceiling as a subtle touch, running high above the top of hand painted three-dimensional metal artwork from California and waterfalls on the wall made of copper. The impressive multi-lamp chandeliers were rescued from the Holiday Inn – once one of the oldest hotels on the island before it was demolished a number of years ago. The chairs around the free-standing tables have been inherited from the Bella Capri restaurant, but were lovingly sanded down, polished and re-covered to restore them to former glory. Frank has always loved the look and feel of wood, and that, mixed with the gorgeous sheen of copper truly gives the restaurant a lustrous air. Along the walls are handmade booths cushioned and covered in a suede-like material that exudes comfort. One can also experience intimate dining, thanks to high backs on the booths and a nice distance between all the tables.
The design of Copper Falls, however, is just the beginning. To be honest I had already heard rave reviews about this restaurant before I ate there myself. A new place will always be talked about, but it’s rare that the remarks are so uniformly positive. By the time I had made a reservation to go, I was quite looking forward to this experience to see if the rumors were true. I am happy to report that they were.
Lynne and I took her brother and my brother to dinner that night and as we walked in through the main entrance, we were instantly greeted with a wide corridor that led to our host. We were taken to our booth and handed menus and a wine list. As we were all definitely going to order a Steak or Entrée, we were automatically entitled to a Martini, Highball or Beer as part of the price. Such is the Copper Falls way and I happily approved! You should see their Martini list – when I start reading things like Cherry Smash, Mandarin Breeze and Malibu Rain, I just get weak in the knees. The men ordered beers and Lynne and I went all fancy with a Raspberry Cosmopolitan and a Malibu Rain (as recommended by our server Herman). We had to get started on our menus, and it was quite the job. Everything appealed to us, so it was tough even getting past the appetizers. Baked Brie wrapped in phyllo pastry served with roasted garlic, Escargot served with a white wine garlic sauce, Spinach and Phyllo Triangles…and that was just the first half of the first page! Once we got into the soups and salads, like Baked French Onion Soup, Lobster Bisque and the Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing, all was lost. Don’t even get me started on the entrees, for this is where Copper Falls truly outdoes itself. As Copper Falls is first and foremost a Steakhouse, you can obviously expect to find all manners of steak on its menu. From 12 oz Top Sirloin to the 22oz Porterhouse – you’ll discover every cut of meat you’ve ever known, and a few new ones. If you like a bit of Surf with your Turf, choose the 7 oz Lobster Tail and the 6 oz Filet Mignon, or maybe Rack of Lamb is more to your fancy. Then there’s the Pork Chop, Chicken Breast (stuffed with Spinach, Artichokes and Feta Cheese), Horseradish/Dill Salmon, Pan Fried Grouper, Crispy Penne Pasta (for the vegetarian)…it just goes on and on. Remember how I mentioned earlier that we got our first drink as part of our meal? Well that’s not all. When you order your entrée you have a choice of starch sides (we all fell in love with the Baked Potato topped with bacon and chives-infused sour cream), veggie sides (who doesn’t love Broccoli Parmesan?) and for the steaks, a range of sauces that will make your mouth water. I was immediately drawn to the Horseradish Cream Sauce, and on the number of occasions that I have returned to Copper Falls since this night, I have almost ordered the sauce before anything else – it is absolutely delicious, and like everything else in Copper Falls, is made from scratch. If you’re not a fan of horseradish, don’t worry – there’s something for you here, like Green Peppercorn or Burgundy Mushroom or good old-fashioned Steak Sauce. For a little bit extra, you can indulge in a multitude of sides like Sautéed Mushrooms, Creamed Spinach or Asparagus/Hollandaise Sauce, and Steak Toppings such as Copper Falls Oscar (Lobster, Asparagus Béarnaise) and Blue Cheese Crumble are also available. You are the creator of your own magnificent meal.
The wine list is equally impressive, with a nice selection by the glass and page after page of bottles by region and type with labels printed beside each description. This is very useful for someone just starting to appreciate wine, or looking for a specific mixture of flavours. We chose the Barolo to accompany our meal – after we finished our cocktails of course! If you like a tropical twist to your drink, I highly recommend the Malibu Rain. With Malibu and Mango Juice as some of the ingredients, you know that this is a martini bursting with flavour.
Our appetizers arrived. I had ordered the Shrimp Cocktail, but you’ve never seen one like this before. In this case, “shrimp” was definitely an oxymoron on its own. They were by far the largest shrimp I had ever seen in a shrimp cocktail, so bring your appetite when you order one. Dominic (my brother) had gone for the Spinach and Phyllo Triangles, which were delicate and melt-in-your-mouth tasty, and Lynne ordered the Copper Falls Carpaccio – wafer-thin slices of fine Tuna served with a Dijon Worcestershire Sauce – another hit. Selwyn, Lynne’s brother, hadn’t ordered an appetizer, but he happily sampled all of our dishes. In a way, he had the best of all worlds. We finished our appetizers and nibbled on the hot fresh bread as we sipped our glasses of wine. It wasn’t long before the main courses were brought to the table, and we saw what made Copper Falls really special. I had ordered the New York steak, Lynne had the Rib Eye, Dominic had the Surf and Turf and Selwyn went for the Pan Fried Grouper. Every single one of us was raving about our food. From the potatoes to the vegetables to those amazing sauces (Dominic ordered two portions of the Horseradish Cream to take home) and of course, the steaks that could have been cut with butter knives – everything was excellent. Each piece of meat was cooked to our liking and everyone was blissfully happy. I’m warning you – don’t snack before you get to Copper Falls or you won’t have room for all your food. We were really starting to feel our stomachs expand by the time dessert rolled around, but what were we to do? We had to finish it off with a bang! I ordered the Apple Crisp and Dominic and Selwyn couldn’t resist the Vanilla Crème Brulée. Lynne abstained this time, but what a surprise – after tasting my Apple Crisp (a la mode, naturally) she couldn’t keep her spoon out of it. If you like anything resembling apple pie, this is the choice for you. Dominic and Selwyn raved about the Crème Brulée as though it had never been invented until that very night. All in all, I think we were giving Copper Falls a big thumbs-up. Our server was excellent, the food was excellent, even the bathrooms had us lingering – especially the Ladies’, which features a huge wood-framed mirror and copper fixtures with a hand-hammered copper sink. If they run out of tables, maybe someone will be happy to eat in there! You can laugh, but Copper Falls has quickly become the place where no reservation could mean a wait. Word has spread like wildfire, and it’s rare to walk in and find many tables free. This is also an excellent location for a private dinner for a group of friends. What used to be the outdoor verandah of Bella Capri has now been enclosed and air-conditioned with curtains separating it from the main dining area if you would like some privacy. It’s the perfect setting for that special party.
Do I really have to say that I recommend Copper Falls? I mean – have you been paying attention to a word I’ve said?
Exactly. So stop reading and start running to Copper Falls. Not just copper – there’s GOLD in them thar hills!
Copper Falls is located opposite the Strand Shopping Centre off West Bay Road
Tel: 945-4755 for highly recommended reservations
Open Mon-Sun 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. for dinner
Major credit cards accepted


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Steak Dining in Cayman Islands Restaurants :: Copper Falls Steakhouse - reservations
Copper Falls Steakhouse - reservations
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